Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason Wu

Jason Wu is famous for dressing our First Lady Michelle Obama, in that beautiful off the shoulder, white gown she wore for a ball on inauguration day. I was excited to see what he had to offer, and was pleasantly surprised by his array of wearable outfits, that would leave most women wanting more.

Jumpers and short skirts cinched at the waist were predominant at Wu's show. These outfits were some of my favorites, no doubt a common trend for Spring and Fall (all you need to do is add some leggings). The reason I like this look so much is that it can be flattering on most body types. Since they cinch at the waist they accentuate the feminine form.

These two looks were some of the few that did not follow the belted waist rule. The pink suit was one of Wu only tailored creations and by far one of the most interesting looks. Admittedly not everyone could pull off such an outfit, because of the loose fit around the hip line and the slight tapering at the leg, however it may provide another possible outfit for our First Lady? Perhaps?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vivienne Tam's Bohofly

Vivienne Tam's seventies inspired, butterfly prints stood out because of the flowy fabrics, beautiful colors, and obvious femininity. Lately it seems that us ladies have been opting for harsher, less inspired ensembles (I include myself in this drab category). As Marc Jacobs has said, he's tired of seeing women in black and studs. Of course I swoon at Marc's every word. Vivienne's collection is fun, and because of my penchant for all things bright and printed, Tam's is a collection I would wear, particularly the pairing a a fitted blazer or vest over the flowy fabrics.

Ohne Titel Egyptian Inspiration

Alexa Adams and Flora Gill of Ohne Titel's, pulled from an ancient culture for inspiration for their Spring 2010 collection. The designing duo used the colored palette of Ancient Egyptian wall paintings, to create their asymmetrically lined pieces that included laced neck braces and shoes.

Image via: Trustees of the British Museum

After a trip to Egypt a couple years ago, I became obsessively curious about this ancient culture. My curiosity has made my excitement for this collection all the more palpable. The inspiration from Pharaohs, kings, and queens is subtle but impacting. Ancient Egyptians had a unique style and culture, as well as a keen fascination with ornamentation and dress code.

Patchwork Jeans

These pictures on the Sartorialist made me smile. I let out a corroborative cry of glee for model Filippa Berg and her patchwork denim jeans, since I myself did a little patchwork on a pair of old pants this past week. My fickle economic situation has lead to crafty solutions and new takes on style, but mostly prevents me from throwing away my pants with holes in them.

Estas fotos de parte del Sartorialist me hicieron sonre
ír. Esta semana yo también remendé unos pantalones con un parche. Mi situación económico me ha hecho probar otros remedios estílisticos, pero más que nada me impide tirar pantalones con agujeros.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Recovery Starts Here

Image via:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Grace Jones 80s Icon and Structured Shoulders

People have spoken about the obvious influence from Michael Jackson on Balmain's Fall RTW 2009, and I also want to include that every time I look at the line I think Grace Jones. The severity and the clean lines make me think of no other than 80s fashion icon herself.

Mucha gente ha comentado que la pret a porter de Balmain este otoño fue muy influído por Michael Jackson. Yo también quiero incluir Grace Jones a esa lista. La severidad me hace pensar en este icono de la moda.

Balmain isn't the only one to make shoulder interesting this fall. Marc Jacobs also has numerous structured jackets and coats this fall.

Balmain no es el único que hace hombros interesantes esta temporada. También Marc Jacobs nos presenta chaquetas y blazers architectónicos.

Dolce & Gabbana also worked with a pronounced shoulder, just not as severe lines.

Dolce & Gabbana hizo los hombros pronunciados, pero las lineas no son tan severas.

More Grace Jone's photographs.

Más fotos de Grace Jones.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright Lights Gambling City

While many may scoff at the Sin City of the east coast, I was very excited to spend Labor Day weekend celebrating my birthday in AC. Atlantic City is synonymous with extravagance and there is nothing better than extreme, overindulgence, on occasion. This picture of Cindy Crawford really epitomizes, in my eyes, what it means to dress up and go to Atlantic City: the bling around her neck, the deep V blazer with checkered embroidery, the big sunglasses that take up half her face, and the bright pink lipstick.

I had initially wanted to don the kind of outfit people spot from a mile away, I mean you live once right. Perhaps some sparkle or an animal print like the jacket miss Moss is wearing below. Alas I put down all the sequins and faux fur I was trying on in the Century 21 dressing room and decided to go for a simple, body hugging pink dress. I did however sport the big Jersey girl hair and matte lipstick, cause you know... when in Rome.

Elena Cruz, My Namesake Jewelry Designer

The handmade jewelry collection of Elena Cruz is made with lots of love. While reading Miss at la Playa I came across the designer and fell in love with her silver handmade medals. Not only do we share the same name, but we also share the same taste for simple and elegant jewellery. You can visit Elena's blog here, as well as her shop at big cartel and etsy. Currently her etsy cart is empty but she will be updating it shortly.

Las joyas de Elena Cruz son hechas a manos con mucho amor. Descubrí los diseños de Elena Cruz cuando leía el blog de Miss at la Playa. No solamente compartimos el mismo nombre, pero también un gusto simple y elegante. Me encantan estas medallas de plata! Puedes visitar el blog de Elena y también sus tiendas porbig cartel y etsy. La tienda de etsy esta vacío pero pronto lo va a reemplazar.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Back To School Wishlist

September is here and soon enough the barbecues will end, kids will reluctantly return to school, employees will stop slacking off, and there will be plenty of crunchy leaves to step on. Is there a more satisfying feeling than veering off course to step on the fallen leaves? Nope I didn't think so.

There is something about September that resonates with seriousness. The astrological month of Virgo is associated with the last harvest, the image of gathering and preparing for the dreary months ahead, and in my case that will hopefully consist of a jumper like this one by Love Milly and this beautiful coat by Argentine designer Jazmin Chebar.

Even though my school girl days are long behind me, I can't help but daydream of a back to school wardrobe. As I often prefer my 'pretendland' to reality, I put together a fall wardrobe wish list for myself.

Zara puff sleeve cotton shirt, Custo Barcelona printed shirt dress, and Paola Hernandez white botton down coat.

Typically I do not enjoy multiple straps tightening around my ankles, however for these Givenchy crocodile print sandals I would gladly make the sacrifice.

Recently I have been drooling over Balmain boots and now I want these Balmain zipper suede pumps. I love love love the zipper embellishments. I've been searching the world wide web for a similar shoe with a more humble price tag, but to no avail.