Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright Lights Gambling City

While many may scoff at the Sin City of the east coast, I was very excited to spend Labor Day weekend celebrating my birthday in AC. Atlantic City is synonymous with extravagance and there is nothing better than extreme, overindulgence, on occasion. This picture of Cindy Crawford really epitomizes, in my eyes, what it means to dress up and go to Atlantic City: the bling around her neck, the deep V blazer with checkered embroidery, the big sunglasses that take up half her face, and the bright pink lipstick.

I had initially wanted to don the kind of outfit people spot from a mile away, I mean you live once right. Perhaps some sparkle or an animal print like the jacket miss Moss is wearing below. Alas I put down all the sequins and faux fur I was trying on in the Century 21 dressing room and decided to go for a simple, body hugging pink dress. I did however sport the big Jersey girl hair and matte lipstick, cause you know... when in Rome.

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