Monday, September 7, 2009

Back To School Wishlist

September is here and soon enough the barbecues will end, kids will reluctantly return to school, employees will stop slacking off, and there will be plenty of crunchy leaves to step on. Is there a more satisfying feeling than veering off course to step on the fallen leaves? Nope I didn't think so.

There is something about September that resonates with seriousness. The astrological month of Virgo is associated with the last harvest, the image of gathering and preparing for the dreary months ahead, and in my case that will hopefully consist of a jumper like this one by Love Milly and this beautiful coat by Argentine designer Jazmin Chebar.

Even though my school girl days are long behind me, I can't help but daydream of a back to school wardrobe. As I often prefer my 'pretendland' to reality, I put together a fall wardrobe wish list for myself.

Zara puff sleeve cotton shirt, Custo Barcelona printed shirt dress, and Paola Hernandez white botton down coat.

Typically I do not enjoy multiple straps tightening around my ankles, however for these Givenchy crocodile print sandals I would gladly make the sacrifice.

Recently I have been drooling over Balmain boots and now I want these Balmain zipper suede pumps. I love love love the zipper embellishments. I've been searching the world wide web for a similar shoe with a more humble price tag, but to no avail.

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