Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason Wu

Jason Wu is famous for dressing our First Lady Michelle Obama, in that beautiful off the shoulder, white gown she wore for a ball on inauguration day. I was excited to see what he had to offer, and was pleasantly surprised by his array of wearable outfits, that would leave most women wanting more.

Jumpers and short skirts cinched at the waist were predominant at Wu's show. These outfits were some of my favorites, no doubt a common trend for Spring and Fall (all you need to do is add some leggings). The reason I like this look so much is that it can be flattering on most body types. Since they cinch at the waist they accentuate the feminine form.

These two looks were some of the few that did not follow the belted waist rule. The pink suit was one of Wu only tailored creations and by far one of the most interesting looks. Admittedly not everyone could pull off such an outfit, because of the loose fit around the hip line and the slight tapering at the leg, however it may provide another possible outfit for our First Lady? Perhaps?

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  1. love the bottom two looks