Monday, August 17, 2009

Style While Riding

Amsterdam may be the city for bikes, but Montreal is not far behind. Last week when I was in Montreal, I felt a small pang of nostalgia for my old bike and the days I used to ride clumsily around the city. Style is not lost among riders in Montreal. There are no bicycle shorts and spandex here. Girls ride around in skirts and dresses with ease, not to mention full length coats in the beginning winter months. It is a skill that you quickly acquire when you arrive in this city and get your first bike.

The big tan sunglasses worn by the girl in black horizontal stripes are amazing, although I don't know if I can pull off those big frames. She looks so chic with her red lipstick and classic shorts. I love the bright blue scarf the other girl tied around her neck. It really makes her outfit.

Image via: Elle Québec

Here are some pictures my friend took while we rode around Montreal.

Sur la route de Montréal je roule.
-Kain 'Jusqu'au Ciel'

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