Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Courtesy Cards That Are Maybe a Bit Too Honest

We have all bit our tongues at one point or another whether it be each time your obnoxious neighbor seems to sneak a peek into your blouse, or when your old classmate feels the need to boast his high salary once again, or perhaps when your chatty co-worker who never let's you finish your work comes over to tell you about her weekend. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just slip them a card with your sentiments and just sneak away?

The other day I stumbled upon these brilliant cards on Etsy. Finally, courtesy cards that say exactly what you mean! The cards from Gramkin Paper Studio, are the perfect solution to seemingly disruptive situations, if only it were socially acceptable to say what you feel no matter what. Personally my favorite is the bite me card that has a cookie at the bottom that has been bitten into. Brilliant really. The next time that guy on the bus starts yelling into his cellphone while everyone is trying to sleep, quietly and politely give him the please lower your voice card. He of all people needs one of these cards.

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