Monday, July 20, 2009

Desi Wedding Inspiration

This past week I attended the wedding of a close friend of mine. It was the first Hindu wedding I have ever attended and I had the most amazing time. For anyone with a love of fashion and color, it would have been paradise. Naturally I was in heaven (if you can't tell by now, I adore lots of color).

Indian weddings traditionally last for a couple days (hence for my lack of posts last week). The celebrations which lead up to the main ceremony create a dramatic atmosphere. People change their clothes for each ceremony, multiple times throughout the day, especially the bride. The bride's outfits were unbelievable and extremely lavish and ornate, as they should be. All the fabrics were rich and the designs interesting. Unlike other weddings, where participants are not supposed to outshine the bride, there are no rules and everyone dresses brightly in striking colors and designs.

Esta semana fui a la boda de una amiga mía. Fue la primera boda Hindú que he asistido y lo pasé genial. Si te encanta la moda y colores intensas, la ceremonia sería un paraíso. Naturalmente estuve por las nubes (si no adivinas, amo a los colores brillantes).

Tradicionalmente las ceremonias duran muchos días (por eso no pude escribir la semana pasada). Las ceremonias antes de la boda crean mucha emoción. Los invitados cambian de ropa durante el día, especialmente la novia. Los vestidos de la novia son espectaculares y ornamentados. Las telas son suntuosas y los diseños son interesantes. No hay reglas, como en otras culturas donde los invitados no pueden robar la atención de la novia. Todos visten de vestidos ornamentados de colores fuertes.

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