Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas - Beyonce & Sasha Fierce

This video has already become one of the most iconic videos of our time. Just ask Kanye. The costume is pretty easy (especially if you have long hair). If Justin Timberlake can do it so can you.

What you need:
Black Leotard (you can cut off one sleeve if you'd like to make it more authentic to the video, but you don't have to).
Nude tights/ pantyhose/ or leggings
Black Gloves

For Beyonce's arm piece you can be creative. I went to the dollar store and found a kids toy armor that goes around your hand and up your forearm. You can take something similar and spray paint it black, apply some studs and metal accents and tah have the arm piece.

For hair and makeup check out Sasha Fierce below.


Beyonce's alter ego is pretty easy to do. Chances are you already have many of her fierce looks in your closet. Beyonce seems to enjoy the not wearing pants for this album, which may make some modest folk blush. You don't have to go with the leotard look, although it will make it more authentic. Use your creativity and you can play around with the look.

What you need:
Leotard or shiny leggings like these from American Apparel.
Tall boots
Any tops that are black, shiny, and form fitting
An asymmetrical black jacket or leather jacket.
Go to a dollar or craft store and find whatever studs and metal accents you can. Be creative. Affix the studs to your leotard. Create harsh angles. Use shoulder pads to create a severe shoulder.

You may remember the fringed glasses in Beyonce's Diva video. You can make these glasses yourself. At a craft store find some fringe and glue it to the top of a pair of cheap glasses (dollar store find). Afterward cut the fringe into the shape of frames.

Beyonce's Single Ladies look has a lot of volume at the top of her head. You will need to section pieces of your hair and tease the top portion. Johnny Lavoy explains how to get the Beyonce look.

The defining look of Sasha Fierce makeup is essentially a really smoky eye. Johnny Lavoy explains how to get this look.

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