Friday, October 30, 2009

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas - Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was one of the most famous silent film actors of all time. Dressing up as this icon is a fun costume idea and chances are you won't find many duplicates at your Halloween parties. It is easy to do if you have the right components. Men can use a regular black suit. Women wanting to pull off this look could use a tuxedo jacket from her wardrobe and pair it over some straight leg black pants.

What you need
Bowler Hat
Tailored jacket and trousers
White button down shirt
Black or grey vest
Neutral tie
Male dress shoes or loafers or oxford for ladies

Tie your jacket with only one button in the middle of your chest. Your white button down shirt and vest should be sticking out from underneath the button. Charlie Chaplin was a clumsy character so you need to look a little disheveled. His bowler hat is another signature part of his look. You can find a bowler at a thrift store, costume store, or any discount clothing outlet.

Charlie Chaplin's makeup is very distinctive. All you need is some light powder to create a pale face and dark hues to create his brows, mustache, and eyes. Firstly start off with a clean face. Use a brush to apply the powder throughout. The paler the better. Next apply the gray shadow, or if you have brow makeup, to your brows to create a full eyebrow. Apply gently and working your way with more. The brows are strong and dark so if you want to be more bold use some black eyeliner. When you are finished with the brow you can move onto the mustache. Chaplin's mustache is not very wide, but it is dark. Use the gray shadow to create a base and then go over with some mascara and liner to make it fuller. The last step is your eyes. Line them heavily with a black pencil. They key is to apply liner all around the eye.

Charlie Chaplin had dark, disheveled hair hidden underneath his bowler hat. Men don't need to do much, but women bold enough to dress like a man, tie your hair into a loose ponytail and hide it under your hat. Secure loose ends with bobby pins to make sure your hair stays in place.