Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kina Fernandez

Kina Fernandez is a Spanish designer from the province of Galicia. I may be a teeny bit partial to her designs since my dad's family reigns from this mountainous province in the north of Spain, but nonetheless Kina Fernandez has a style that is both classic and uniquely her own. Her pieces are chic are wearable and never over the top. This spring I really liked her fringe skirts and sailor inspired colors.

I was first drawn to Kina Fernandez honestly when I realized that she was born in Ourense, where I had spent a good part of my childhood summers. Fellow Gallegos Adolfo Dominguez and Amancio Ortega creator of Zara, are other notable Galicians who have proved to be extremely influential in the fashion industry.

For fall Kina Fernandez created a collection with many varied textures and colors however they all have a common thread throughout. The design are for the working urban girl, something I would have worn a lot when I had worked at my old office job; however her designs aren't boring, and go far beyond business casual. I really like the animal prints, black and white print skirt, as well as her textured sweater dress.

In Spain, I still remember the way my grandmother would stress the importance of dressing well. If you left the house you had to look your best because who knows who you might run into! No yoga or sweatpants for the Spanish woman.

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